Sachkhand Express Donations

How You Can Help?

As like most non-profit organization, Sachkhand Express operates with donations from the Sangat. All donations are 100% tax-deductibles and are going strictly to Sewa efforts and NOT to pay anyone's salary. Even more than money, we would like the Sangat to get involved and participate in our events and eventually start leading and coordinating events on your own in your local areas. 

​Sachkhand Express Organization's strongest project has been the Camden Community Outreach Program in which Sikhs provide meals, clothing and supplies to the homeless and the underprivileged of Camden, NJ.

Sachkhand Express also organizes Sahd Sangat and Kirtan Samagams to help children and young adults learn how to fully organize and carry out a full diwan. 

Our volunteers also help in distributionreading materials and multimedia to the Sangat that are related to Sikhism. Sachkhand Express is commited ot education and we provide materials for people of all ages, but we focus on children and young adults. 

Our strongest project, Camden Langar Sewa, is done once to twice a month. Meals, clothing and daily supplies are provided to the homeless and the underprivileged. Each Camden Langar Sewa event costs anywhere from $500.00 or more. If you cannot make it to one of the Events, you can help by contributing financially and helping us raise funds to do more community service events. 

To view our upcoming events, please visit the upcoming events page

To donate now, please click below. 

  • 1 second blank 4K0:00
  • Jeevat Mukande Marat Mukande10:58
  • Tu Jaanat Main Kichh Nahin11:03
  • Ravidaas Japei Ram Naama12:28
  • Prani Kya Mera Kya Tera10:11
  • Haun Bal Bal Jaon7:14
  • Naam Tero Aarti12:38
  • Nath Kachou Na Janou10:42
  • Aape Gur Chela8:17
  • Abchal Nagar Gobind Guru Ka10:43
  • Aithe Othe Rakhwala10:58
  • Aukhi Ghadi Na Dekhan Deyi7:07
  • Haun Waari Haun Waarey8:25
  • Sacha Sahib Sada Mehervaan6:57
  • Charan Chalo Marag Gobind7:51
  • Gur Purai Meri Raakh Layi9:29
  • Gur Sundar Mohan Paye Kare8:53
  • 01 - Har Pran Prabhu Sukhdaate - Bhai Ravinder Singh -
  • Pir Sang Mutheria10:01
  • Tin Jan Dekhaan Naini 10:01
  • Apne Das Ka Sada Rakhwala9:04
  • Dhan Oh Preet7:33
  • Gun Gaava Nit Tere8:01
  • Tohi Mohi , Mohi Tohi8:14
  • Sagal Bhawan Ke Naika7:31
  • So Kat Janei Peer Parai9:58
  • Kya Tu Soya Jaag Eyana11:25
  • Hum To Ek Ram Keh Chhuteya9:08
  • Je Kul Sadh Baisno Hoi8:15